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Dr. Matise publishes 3 papers on Polymorphism and Genetic Variation

Zhang L., Spencer K.L., Voruganti V.S., Jorgensen N.W., Fornage M., Best L.G., Brown-Gentry K.D., Cole S.A., Crawford D.C., Deelman E., Franceschini N., Gaffo A.L., Glenn K.R., Heiss G., Jenny N.S., Kottgen A., Li Q., Liu K., Matise T.C., North K.E., Umans J.G., and Kao W.H. (2013). Association of Functional Polymorphism rs2231142 (Q141K) in the ABCG2 Gene With Serum Uric Acid and Gout in 4 US Populations: The PAGE Study. Am J Epidemiol ePub ahead of print. PMID:23552988.


Wu Y., Waite L.L., Jackson A.U., Sheu W.H.H., Buyske S., Absher D., Arnett D.K., Boerwinkle E., Bonnycastle L.L., Carty C.L., Cheng I., Cochran B., Croteau-Chonka D.C., Dumitrescu L., Eaton C.B., Franceschini N., Guo X., Henderson B.E., Hindorff L.A., Kim E., Kinnunen L., Komulainen P., Lee W.-J., Le Marchand L., Lin Y., Lindström J., Lingaas-Holmen O., Mitchell S.L., Narisu N., Robinson J.G., Schumacher F., Stančáková A., Sundvall J., Sung Y.-J., Swift A.J., Wang W.-C., Wilkens L., Wilsgaard T., Young A.M., Adair L.S., Ballantyne C.M., Bůžková P., Chakravarti A., Collins F.S., Duggan D., Feranil A.B., Ho L.-T., Hung Y.-J., Hunt S.C., Hveem K., Juang J.-M.J., Kesäniemi A.Y., Kuusisto J., Laakso M., Lakka T.A., Lee I.T., Leppert M.F., Matise T.C., Moilanen L., Njølstad I., Peters U., Quertermous T., Rauramaa R., Rotter J.I., Saramies J., Tuomilehto J., Uusitupa M., Wang T.-D., Boehnke M., Haiman C.A., Chen Y.-D.I., Kooperberg C., Assimes T.L., Crawford D.C., Hsiung C.A., North K.E., and Mohlke K.L. (2013). Trans-Ethnic Fine-Mapping of Lipid Loci Identifies Population-Specific Signals and Allelic Heterogeneity That Increases the Trait Variance Explained. PLoS Genet 9: e1003379. PMID:23555291


Spencer K.L., Malinowski J., Carty C.L., Franceschini N., Fernández-Rhodes L., Young A., Cheng I., Ritchie M.D., Haiman C.A., Wilkens L., ChunyuanWu, Matise T.C., Carlson C.S., Brennan K., Park A., Rajkovic A., Hindorff L.A., Buyske S., and Crawford D.C. (2013). Genetic Variation and Reproductive Timing: African American Women from the Population Architecture Using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study. PLoS One 8: e55258. PMC3570525 

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