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Nathan Treff

Book Chapter:

Lu, C. W., Seita, Y., Treff, N., Roth, M. J. Ethnic Differences in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction: Ethnic Disparity in Stem Cell Availability and Research. In Ethnic Differences in Fertility and Assisted Reproduction. pp 213-226, 2013.



Gueye, N. A., Devkota, B., Taylor, D., Pfundt, R., Scott, R. T., Jr. and Treff, N. R. Uniparental disomy in the human blastocyst is exceedingly rare. Fertil Steril, In Press, 2013

Edvardson, S., Ashikov, A., Jalas, C., Sturiale, L., Shaag, A., Fedick, A., Treff, N. R., Garozzo, D., Gerardy-Schahn, R. and Elpeleg, O. Mutations in SLC35A3 cause autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy and arthrogryposis. Journal of Medical Genetics, In Press, 2013 

Fedick A., Jalas C., Abeliovich D., Krakinovsky Y., Ekstein J., Ekstein A., Treff N.R. Carrier frequency of two BBS2 mutations in the Askenazi population. Clin Genet, In Press, 2013


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