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Mary Konsolaki's Publishes New Research on Neurodegenerative Diseases
Judy Flax's New Publication on Sensory Desensitization Training
New Autism Publication by Azaro, Brzustowicz, Flax and Zimmerman-Bier
Drs. Heiman & Tischfield publish on Tourette Syndrome and OCD
Tara Matise's Publications (2013)
Andrew Singson's new research article on C. elegans
Linda Brzustowicz publishes 2 new research articles on brain disorders
Jay Tischfield's 4 new research articles
Maureen Barr publishes new research on C. elegans
Dr. Andrzej Pietryzkowski has a new publication
Jinchuan Xing on the genetics of high-altitude Mongolians
Andrew Kern publishes new findings on male reproductive advantages
Gary Heiman & Jay Tischfield Report New Findings on Tourette Syndrome
Gary Heiman's new article on Tourette Syndrome
Hetal Vig publishes article on BRCA testing
Dr. Jinchuan Xing's 3 new research publications
4 New Publications from Dr. Jay Tischfield
Dr. Andrew Kern publishes 2 research studies
Dr. Derek Gordon publishes research on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Dr. Andrzej Pietryzkowski has a New Publication
2014 Dr. Gleb Shumyatsky' List of Publications
Dr. Treff publishes 4 research papers on the genetics of reproduction
Dr. Matise publishes 3 papers on Polymorphism and Genetic Variation
Dr. Hey published 4 papers on the genetics of evolution
Dr. Derek Gordon publishes 2 papers on genetic association studies
Dr. Serrano and Dr. Tischfield publish new research findings
Dr. Heiman and Dr. Tischfield published a new article on Tourette
Dr. Matise publishes a Systematic Mapping Approach to Body Mass Index
Dr. Matise publishes new research study on Pleiotropy
Dr. Jay Tischfield publishes new article in Addiction Biology

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