Class Description:

This class is essentially a journal club of primary research articles involving genetic analysis.

What is this class like? The class series will begin with a research article presented by the teacher. During class we will discuss the article in depth: What was the scientific question or problem? What methods and strategies were used to address it? What were the findings and conclusions? What are the alternative interpretations and methods that could have been applied? Students will be graded by quizzes on material covered in class.

During the majority of the class series, students will be divided into groups of 4-5. Each group will be assigned one research article involving genetic analysis and be required to work together to a) interpret, b) critique and c) present the article in the form of an oral presentation to the class. Students will be graded on their ability to perform each of these tasks and on active participation during presentations by other groups. 

Prerequisite courses and restrictions: Students must have taken the following courses: 01:447:384 or 01:447:380

Credits: 3

Instructor: Devanshi Jain, PhD