Description: Research project in the laboratory of a faculty member and intensive instruction in writing a scientific paper in genetics.

Credits: 3 - By Permission Only

Prerequisites: The request for this course must be initiated by the Research Advisor. Will only be approved for declared majors in Genetics.

Research in Genetics- Writing Intensive is intended to provide you with an opportunity to engage in original laboratory research under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor, usually in the faculty member’s research laboratory. You are expected to carry out your own research project. NOTE: this research requires a heavy commitment of time and effort and can impact your performance in coursework, especially if you have not yet managed the foundational material for the discipline. Click here to see the expectations (see page 2). 

The Department of Genetics requires a minimum of 6 credits of Independent Scholarship taken with a single advisor over two semesters (except for the Genetic Counseling Rotation, which may be performed under more than one advisor). The Research in Genetics - Writing Intensive course, 447:410 (Fall/Spring), is one option to complete this requirement.