Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks
Research Professor
EOHSI Room 236H
(848) 445-0225
(732) 445-0152

Geng H, Lan R, Wang G, Siddiqi AR, Naski MC, Brooks AI, Barnes JL, Saikumar P, Weinberg JM, Venkatachalam MA - Inhibition of Autoregulated TGF{beta} Signaling Simultaneously Enhances Proliferation and Differentiation of Kidney Epithelium and Promotes Repair Following Renal Ischemia.  Am J Pathol. 2009 Apr;174(4):1291-308.

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Xenomitochondrial mice: Investigation into mitochondrial compensatory mechanisms M.V. Cannon, D.A. Dunn, M.H. Irwin, A.I. Brooks, F.F. Bartold, I.A. Trounce, C.A. Pinkert © 2010 Elsevier B.V. and Mitochondria Research Society doi:10.1016/j.mito.2010.07.003

Dr. Brooks is a molecular neuroscientist whose research focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that underlie memory and learning. These studies investigate gene-environment interactions in the context of aging, neurodegenerative disease and neurotoxicant exposure. Dr. Brooks is a well-recognized genomicist and has been involved in the development and implementation of cutting edge molecular based technologies for nucleic acid and protein analyses.  He has worked to automate the RUCDR and build the service entity that provides high throughput sample management and analysis for DNA, RNA and protein-based technologies to hundreds of labs globally.