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Changshun Shao
Changshun Shao
Associate Research Professor
(848) 445-5406
(732) 445-1147
Nelson B428
Nelson Biol. Labs Rutgers University 604 Allison Rd Piscataway, NJ, 08854


Somatic mutations
Mutations contribute to genetic diversity and evolution. Mutations in somatic (stem) cells, when occurring in the right combination, will lead to malignancy. We are characterizing the mechanisms by which somatic mutations are generated and accumulated in vivo, using mice as a model organism.

DNA damage response in cancer cells
Cancer cells usually harbor an array of distinct mutations and epigenetic changes that set them apart from normal cells. Those cancer-promoting mutations and epigenetic changes may also make cancer cells more vulnerable to certain types of DNA damage or stress. We are interested in finding those Achilles heels in cancer cells and in devising ways to attack cancer cells more specifically and more efficiently.

Cancer ecosystem
The progression of cancer relies on a favorable microenvironment that comprises inflammatory cells, mesenchymal cells, endothelial cells, as well as extracellular matrix and cytokines. Those stromal components are critical for tumor angiogenesis, immunosuppression and survival. Cancers have the ability to hijack the hematopoietic system and to direct its course toward myelopoiesis, which is conducive to cancer progression. We are characterizing the origin, function and evolution of tumor stromal cells during tumorigenesis.


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