Jinchuan Xing
Jinchuan Xing
Associate Professor
(848) 445-9663
(732) 445-1147
LSB 325
Life Sciences Building, 145 Bevier Road Piscataway, NJ, 08854


The long-term research interest of my laboratory is to understand the mechanisms and consequences of human genomic variation, with a focus on mobile DNA elements, and human disease. We will combine computational and experimental tools to perform genome-wide analyses on human genomic variation. Current research in my lab includes three major areas: understanding mobile element biology, investigating human demographic history and population diversity, and identifying disease-causing genes using genome-wide data.


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Ha, H., N. Wang, and J. Xing# (2017) Library Construction for High-Throughput Mobile Element Identification and Genotyping. Methods in Molecular Biology 1589:1-15 

Sleat D.#, E. Gedvilaite, Y. Zhang, P. Lobel, and J. Xing# (2016) Analysis of large-scale whole exome sequencing data to determine the prevalence of genetically-distinct forms of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Gene 593(2):284–91 

Ross J.#, E. Gedvilaite, J. A. Badner, C. Erdman, S. Barondes, L. Baird, N. Matsunami, M. Leppert, J. Xing#, and W. Byerley# (2016) A Rare Variant in CACNA1D segregates with 7 Bipolar I cases in a large pedigree. Molecular Neuropsychiatry 2(3):145-50 

Ha, H., J. Loh, and J. Xing(2016) Identification of polymorphic SVA retrotransposons using a mobile element scanning method for SVA (ME-Scan-SVA).Mobile DNA 7:15 

Bruse S.*, M. Moreau*, Y. Bromberg*, J. Jang, N. Wang, H. Ha, M. Picchi, Y. Lin, R. J. Langley, C. Qualls, J. Klensney-Tait, J. Zabner, S. Leng, J. Mao, S. A. Belinsky, J. Xing#, and T. Nyunoya# (2016) Whole exome sequencing in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Human Genomics10:1 


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