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Terry McGuire
Professor, Department of Genetics
(848) 445-3841
(732) 445-6920
Nelson B420
Nelson Biol. Labs Rutgers University 604 Allison Rd. Piscataway, NJ, 08854



Genetics of Complex Phenotypes:

Complex phenotypes are difficult to measure, are influenced by many interacting
genes and are easily modified by subtle environmental factors. Such phenotypes
may exhibit extensive emergent epistatic and genotype-environmental
interactions. Behavior is perhaps one of the most complex phenotypes possible
and for many years I worked in the analysis of individual differences in
behavior. All my recent work has been done in collaboration with Dr.
Mary Konsolaki (http://genetics.rutgers.edu/?page=faculty/faculty_details&id=29).
Dr. Konsolaki works with Drosophila models for several neurodegenerative
diseases (Alzheimer's disease). In order to understand the functions of
genes associated with neurodegenerative diseases we use a variety of
genetic, behavioral, molecular, biochemical and cell-biological methods.
Students interested in the behavior genetics this work should contact Dr.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Much of my current research focuses on ways to reform science education. I am
deeply involved with SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and
Responsibilities) and the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement.
SENCER is an "NSF-funded program that connects science and civic engagement by
teaching "through" complex, capacious and unsolved public issues, such as
natural catastrophes, water quality, HIV disease, the Human Genome Project,
energy alternatives, and nuclear disarmament." I am developing
online resources for teaching through the National Science Digital Library and
as a Lead Editor for Nature Education. For more information click
on my website below.


I am looking for students have taken genetics and have excellent writing
skills to work on the developing teaching resources. Interest in
science education is a plus. These projects are suitable for credit in Advanced
Independent Study in Genetics. See my website for more information. If
interested contact me at



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