Department of Genetics COVID-19 FAQs

The webpage is meant to provide information for Genetics Majors. For general University and SAS information on COVID-19, please see:

Summer classes. All instruction for summer courses will be offered remotely. Genetics courses offered in the summer are:

Course #  Course Title 
 201  Independent Study Genetics
 245 Introduction to Cancer 
 380 Genetics 
 382 Genetics Laboratory 
 390  General Microbiology
 406  Research in Genetics (Not In-Person)

Summer Independent Scholarship. Due to University policy indicating all instruction for summer classes must be conducted remotely, we are unable to offer in-person independent scholarship (e.g., laboratory research) this summer. Only independent scholarship that can be conducted remotely (e.g., computational or literature-based research), will be approved.

Fall Independent Scholarship. As of 3/28/20, we anticipate running a normal, in-person, Fall 2020 semester.  However, the Department of Genetics is considering contingencies that comply with Departmental graduation requirements should remote instruction continue into the fall semester. In the meantime, you should continue to search for research mentors under the assumption that in-person instruction will resume. The Department will keep majors apprised via email.