Rutgers Joins Alliance to Increase Diversity in Genetic Counseling

GCMP Group Photo
RUGCMP students at the 2021 HDSA-NJ Team Hope Walk in Edison to support Huntington’s Disease research


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The Warren Alpert Foundation Alliance to Increase Diversity in Genetic Counseling (AID-GC) is a partnership between five accredited genetic counseling training programs, with an overall goal of increasing the number of genetic counselors from underrepresented backgrounds. The University of Pennsylvania will lead this initiative and work with the genetic counseling programs at Boston University; Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Sarah Lawrence College; and the University of Maryland. With a five-year, $9.5 million dollar grant from the Warren Alpert Foundation, the AID-GC program will recruit and train a total of 40 genetic counseling students, providing full tuition scholarships and stipends to cover living expenses. Each of the five consortia programs will recruit two underrepresented in genetic counseling (URiGC) students per year to be AID-GC Scholarship recipients.