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David Axelrod's activity during his Spring 2013 Sabbatical

David Axelrod's accomplishments during his sabbatical in the Spring semester 2013 included:


1. WROTE A BOOK:  Completed the manuscript for the book Branching Processes in Biology, 2nd edition, Springer, with Dr. Marek Kimmel, Rice University, Houston, TX. 346 manuscript pages.


2. SUBMITTED A JOURNAL MANUSCRIPT: Completed the research for, wrote and submitted a manuscript for a peer review journal publication. “A calibrated agent-based computer model of stochastic cell dynamics in normal human colon crypts useful for in silico experiments”, with student Rafael Bravo.


3. TOOK A GRADUATE COURSE:  “Introduction to Computation, Modeling, and Simulation” 16:137:601:90, 3 graduate credits. Spring semester. MATLAB programming.


4. SERVED AS GRANT REVIEWER: (1) Served on study section “Cancer Mechanisms and Population Science” of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD. (2) Reviewer for the Leaders Opportunity Fund for the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

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