Dr. David Axelrod presented two lectures for advanced courses
Dr. Axelrod gave two research seminar presentation at Fort Collins, CO
Dr. Karen Schindler gave seminars in London and Maryland
Dr. Kevin Chen gave a seminar at Rutgers Camden
Dr. Jinchuan Xing gave a seminar in Tianjin, China
Dr. Pietryzkowski will give a talk at the INIA West (1/16-18, 2014)
Dr. Jay Tischfield spoke at the National Alliance on Mental Illness
Michael Sheldon gave two invited talks
Dr. Maureen Barr gave a talk at the American Society for Cell Biology
Dr. Xing gave a Seminar on Human Genomic Variation
Dr. Deanne Taylor presented abstracts at conference
Dr. Deanne Taylor gave two invited talks
Nathan Treff's Recent New Research Presentations
Amrik Sahota's Recent Presentations
Andrew Kern Presented a Seminar at Two Universities
Kevin Chen Presented a Seminar to IBM Research
Gary Heiman presented at AACAP conference
Tara Matise gave an invited seminar at the University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Singson gave an invited lecture in France
Karen Schindler made presentations at 3 conferences
Karen Schindler Presented at a Summer Summit on Egg Quality
Jinchuan Xing gave 2 invited talks during the Summer 2013
Gary Heiman Presented at the Tourette Syndrome Conference
New Seminar on the treatment of infertility by Dr. Nathan Treff
Dr. Jinchuan Xing gave a seminar on Human Evolutionary History
Dr. Karen Schindler
Dr. Gary Heiman
Dr. Kevin Chen
Dr. David Axelrod
Drs. Amrik Sahota and Jay Tischfield