Dr. Derek Gordon publishes 2 papers on genetic association studies

Londono D, Chen KM, Musolf A, Wang R, Shen T, Brandon J, Herring JA, Wise CA, Zou H, Jin M, Yu L, Finch SJ, Matise TC, Gordon D.

A novel Method for Analyzing Genetic Association with Longitudinal Phenotypes. Stat Appl Genet Mol Biol. 2013 Mar 13:1-21.


Kim W,  Londono D, Zhou L, Xing J, Nato AQ, Musolf A, Matise TC, Finch SJ, Gordon D.

Single-Variant and Multi-Variant Trend Tests for Genetic Association with Next-Generation Sequencing That Are Robust to Sequencing Error. Hum Hered 2012;74:172-183