Dr. Jinchuan Xing's 3 new research publications

Wu, W., E. A. Clark, G. J. Stoddard, W. S. Watkins, M. S. Esplin, T. A. Manuck, J. Xing, M. W. Varner, and L. B. Jorde (2013) Effect of Inter leukin-6 Polymorphism on Risk of Preterm Birth within Population Strata: A Meta-Analysis IL6 meta-analysis BMC Genetics 14:30


Witherspoon, D. J., Y. Zhang, W. S. Watkins, H. Ha, J. Xing, M. A. Batzer, and L. B. Jorde (2013) Mobile Element Scanning (ME-Scan) identifies thousands of novel Alu insertions in diverse human populations. Genome Research


Ge, R. L., Q. Cai, Y. Y. Shen, A. San, L. Ma, Y. Zhang, X. Yi, Y. Chen, L. Yang, Y. Huang, R. He, Y. Hui, M. Hao, Y. Li, B. Wang, X. Ou, J. Xu, Y. Zhang, K. Wu, C. Geng, W. Zhou, T. Zhou, D. M. Irwin, Y. Yang, L. Ying, H. Bao, J. Kim, D. M. Larkin, J. Ma, H. A. Lewin, J. Xing, R. N. Platt II, D. A. Ray, L. Auvil, B. Capitanu, X. Zhang, G. Zhang, R. W. Murphy, J. Wang, Y. P. Zhang, and J. Wang (2013) Draft genome sequence of the Tibetan antelope. Nature Communications 4:1858