Dr. Santolaya's 8 Collaborative Publications in 2013

Joaquin Santolaya

Santolaya J, Francois L, Di Stefano V, Ebert G, Wolf R, Santolaya-Forgas J. Baseline TNFa operational capacity in fetal and maternal circulation prior to labor: Tuned for different purposes. Reprod Sciences. 2013; 20(7): 838-844.

Stechna S, Mravcak S, Schultz P, Santolaya J. The Quick Start Contraception Initiation Method during the 6-week postpartum visit: an efficacious way to improve contraception in Federally Qualified Health Centers. Contraception. 2013; 88(1): 160-163.

Faro R, Santolaya-Forgas J, Oyelese Y, Di Stefano V, Canterino J, Ananth CV.Cesarean delivery rates in Down syndrome pregnancies. Journal Neonatal Perinatal Medicine. 2013; 6:109-115.

Francois L, Kugler L, Santolaya JL, Faro R, Di Stefano V, Joaquin Santolaya J. Screening for Down syndrome in dichorionic twin pregnancies conceived by IVF: A clinical pilot study to confirm the laboratory methods. 2013 Journal of Assisted reproduction and Genetics. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2013 Nov 6. [Epub ahead of print]PMID:24193697

Atkinson AL, Santolaya Forgas J, Matta P, Canterino J, Oyelese Y. The Sensitivity of the Kleihauer Betke Test for Placental Abruption. (Submitted)

Polis RL, DO, Santolaya-Forgas J, Tong C, Onieal G, Canterino CJ, MD, Matta PG, Oyelese Y. Personalized medicine in a patient with the antenatal diagnosis of an umbilical cord knot and a previous adverse outcome for this reason. 2013. JUM. (In Press)

Schoen C, Santolaya-Forgas J, Ashkinadze E. The frequency and cost of excess genetic screening in women at reproductive ages. 2013. (Submitted)

Atkinson AL, Santolaya Forgas J, Blitzer D, Santolaya JL, Matta P, Canterino J, Oyelese Y. Perinatal mortality in patients admitted to the hospital with placental abruption: A clinical assessment of risk factors. (Submitted)