Dr. Deanne Taylor collaborated on 4 publications on Fertility (2013)

Deanne Taylor

Gueye, N. A., Devkota, B., Taylor, D., Pfundt, R., Scott, R. T., Jr. and Treff, N. R. Uniparental disomy in the human blastocyst is exceedingly rare. Fertil Steril, In Press, Dec 2013

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Forman EJ, Hong KH, Ferry KM, Tao X, Taylor D, Levy B, Treff NR, Scott Jr. RT. In vitro fertilization with single euploid blastocyst transfer: a randomized controlled trial. Fertil Steril. 2013;100(1):100-107

Fedick A., Tao X, Devkota B, Taylor D, Treff N, Scott RT. Evaluation of targeted next-generation sequencing based preimplantation genetic diagnosis of monogenic disease. Fertil Steril. 2013; 99(5):1377–1384.