Dr. Tara Matise

Recent Publications by Genetics Dept. Faculty Member Dr. Tara Matise

Matise, T.C., Ambite, J.L., Buyske, S., Carlson, C.S., Cole, S.A., Crawford, D.C., Haiman, C.A., Heiss, G., Kooperberg, C., Marchand, L.L., Manolio, T.A., North, K.E., Peters, U., Ritchie, M.D., Hindorff, L.A., and Haines, J.L. The next PAGE in understanding complex traits: design for analysis of population architecture using genetics and epidemiology (PAGE) study. American Journal of Epidemiology, 2011, [Epub ahead of print].

Pendergrass, S.A., Brown-Gentry, K., Dudek, S.M., Torstenson, E.S., Ambite, J.L., Avery, C.L., Buyske, S., Cai, C., Fesinmeyer, M.D., Haiman, C., Heiss, G., Hindorff, L.A., Hsu, C.N., Jackson, R.D., Kooperberg, C., Le Marchand, L., Lin, Y., Matise, T.C., Moreland, L., Monroe, K., Reiner, A.P., Wallace, R., Wilkens, L.R., Crawford, D.C., and Ritchie, M.D. The use of phenome-wide association studies (PheWAS) for exploration of novel genotype-phenotype relationships and pleiotropy discovery. Genetic Epidemiology, 2011, 35(5):410-422.;21594894