Dr. Linda Brzustowicz

Recent Publications by Genetics Dept. Chair Dr. Linda Brzustowicz

Logan, J., Petrill, S.A., Flax, J., Justice, L.M., Hou, L., Bassett, A.S., Tallal, P., Brzustowicz, L.M., and Bartlett, C.W. Genetic covariation underlying reading, language and related measures in a sample selected for specific language impairment. Behavior Genetics, 2011, 41(5):651-659.

Hou, L., Phillips, C., Azaro, M., Brzustowicz, L.M., and Bartlett, C.W. Validation of a cost-efficient multi-purpose SNP panel for disease based research. PLoS One, 2011, 6(5):e19699.