Dr. Nathan Treff

Recent Publications by Genetics Dept. Faculty Member Dr. Nathan Treff

Forman, E.J., Treff, N.R., and Scott, R.T., Jr. Fertility after age 45: from natural conception to assisted reproductive technology and beyond. Maturitas, 2011, [Epub ahead of print].

Schoolcraft, W., Treff, N.R., Stevens, J., Ferry, K.M., Katz-Jaffe, M., and Scott, R.T., Jr. Live birth outcome with trophectoderm biopsy, blastocyst vitrification, and single-nucleotide polymorphism microarray-based comprehensive chromosome screening in infertile patients. Fertility and Sterility, 2011, [Epub ahead of print].

Treff, N.R., Tao, X., Schillings, W.J., Bergh, P.A., Scott, R.T., Jr., Levy, B. Use of single nucleotide polymorphism microarrays to distinguish between balanced and normal chromosomes in embryos from a translocation carrier. Fertility and Sterility, 2011, 96(1):e58-65.

Treff, N.R., Tao, X., Su, J., Lonczak, A., Northrop, L.E., Ruiz, A.A., Scott, R.T., Jr. Tracking embryo implantation using cell-free fetal DNA enriched from maternal circulation at 9 weeks gestation. Molecular Human Reproduction, 2011, 17(7):434-438.

Treff, N.R., Su, J., Tao, X., Northrop, L.E., Scott, R.T., Jr. Single-cell whole-genome amplification technique impacts the accuracy of SNP microarray-based genotyping and copy number analyses. Molecular Human Reproduction, 2011, 17(6):335-343.