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David Axelrod Publishes New Research on Stochastic Cell Dynamics
Dr. Heiman has a new publication on Tourette Syndrome
Dr. Brzustowicz has a new publication on Schizophrenia
Jinchuan Xing's new research article on Genome Biology and Evolution
Dr. Nathan Treff's New Publications
Jay Tischfield's New Research Publications
Mary Konsolaki's Publishes New Research on Neurodegenerative Diseases
Judy Flax's New Publication on Sensory Desensitization Training
New Autism Publication by Azaro, Brzustowicz, Flax and Zimmerman-Bier
Drs. Heiman & Tischfield publish on Tourette Syndrome and OCD
Tara Matise's Publications (2013)
Andrew Singson's new research article on C. elegans
Linda Brzustowicz publishes 2 new research articles on brain disorders
Jay Tischfield's 4 new research articles
Maureen Barr publishes new research on C. elegans
Dr. Andrzej Pietryzkowski has a new publication
Jinchuan Xing on the genetics of high-altitude Mongolians
Andrew Kern publishes new findings on male reproductive advantages
Gary Heiman & Jay Tischfield Report New Findings on Tourette Syndrome
Gary Heiman's new article on Tourette Syndrome
Hetal Vig publishes article on BRCA testing
Dr. Jinchuan Xing's 3 new research publications
4 New Publications from Dr. Jay Tischfield
Dr. Andrew Kern publishes 2 research studies
Dr. Derek Gordon publishes research on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Dr. Andrzej Pietryzkowski has a New Publication
2014 Dr. Gleb Shumyatsky' List of Publications
Dr. Treff publishes 4 research papers on the genetics of reproduction
Dr. Matise publishes 3 papers on Polymorphism and Genetic Variation
Dr. Hey published 4 papers on the genetics of evolution

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