The Department of Genetics currently has 30 faculty members spanning all career stages including tenured, tenure-track, and research-track faculty. Our faculty are actively engaged in scholarship (conducting research, writing grants and peer-reviewed publications, and presenting research at national and international scientific meetings), teaching (teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at Rutgers, lecturing in outside courses, hands-on mentoring of post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students within our laboratories, and participating in numerous activities aimed at educating the general public about the importance of our research), and service (serving on a wide variety of national and local committees and boards, and participating in publication and grant peer-review).

Our department enjoys highly congenial faculty interactions, both professionally and socially.  Many faculty have young or school-aged children and many share common hobbies and interests outside the workplace. Several faculty and staff have been in the department for over 15 years, including some since it was instantiated in 1998.