Recent Grants to Genetics Department Faculty. 

PISponsorProject Start DateProject End DateAward TotalTitle
Barr, MaureenNIH-NIDDK R011/31/2312/31/26$3,033,801Nephronophthisis-Related Ciliopathies and Ciliary Compartmentalization - Renewal
Tischfield, JayNESARC12/1/2211/30/27$676,840NESARC III DNA Storage - Renewal
Bergey, ChristinaRutgers-Busch Grant10/1/229/30/24$60,000Transgenic disruption of pathogen transmission in mosquito vectors using piRNA signaling
Knowles, JamesNIH-NIMH R019/8/224/30/25$1,833,714The GEN-BLIP Study (GENetics of BipoLar Disorder In Pakistan)
Sahota, AmrikSynlogic Therapeutics9/5/223/31/23$185,544Administration of a low-methionine diet to Slc3a1 knockout mice as a potential therapy for cystinuria
Jain, DevanshiNIH-NIGMS R019/1/228/31/27$1,933,955Regulatory mechanisms of meiotic entry and progression
Leelabati, Biswas (Schindler Lab)NIH-NICHD F309/1/228/31/23$46,064Functional evaluation of kinesin gene variants associated with female subfertility and egg aneuploidy.
Nakamura, TetsuyaNSF8/15/227/31/27$1,153,200The function of Gli proteins in the specification of ossification pathways in pectoral girdle development and evolution
Power, Kaiden (Barr Lab)NIH-NIDDK F317/1/2211/30/24$43,049Role of a NIMA-Related Kinase in Neuronal Microtubule-Based Transport
Jonathon Walsh (Barr Lab)PKD Foundation7/1/226/30/24$120,000Function of polycystins in ciliary extracellular vesicles
Shumyatsky, GlebRutgers-Busch Grant7/1/226/30/24$60,000Dissecting neural circuits of maternal care
Gonzalez, Sofia (Shumyatsky Lab)SNJ - DOH7/1/226/30/24$130,000Cortical Circuits Regulating Social Behaviors
Heiman, GaryNJ Center for Tourettes Syndrome7/1/226/30/23$50,000Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders Genetics Repository
Knowles, JamesNIH-NIMH R014/18/224/30/23$616,799The GEN-SCRIP Study (GENetics of SChizophRenia in Pakistan)
Schindler, SchindlerASRM3/15/223/14/24$49,998New Discoveries in the Basic or Translational Sciences that Impact the Treatment and Understanding of In Vitro Fertilization
Schindler, SchindlerEAST CAROLINA UNIV3/1/222/28/23$15,700Challenging the Role of Retinoic Acid in Meiotic Initiation
Yu, LeiPlumeria Therapeutics, Inc3/1/222/28/23$231,000Chemokine-receptor in PDN - Lei Yu - SBIR Phase I Grant Resub
Vemuri, Kiran Mayi (Verzi Lab)AHA predoctoral fellowship1/1/2212/31/23$64,072Mechanisms of Intestinal Lipid Metabolism as Therapeutic Targets for Diet-Induced Obesity
Xing, JinchuanNSF10/1/219/30/23$30,218EAGER: Integration and analysis of high-dimensional dataset
Verzi, MichaelNIH-NINDK R019/23/215/31/26$3,345,816Mechanisms Driving Metabolic Shifts in the Intestinal Epithelium
Sahota, AmrikSynlogic Therapeutics9/6/213/31/22$101,976Administration of a low-methionine diet to Slc3a1 knockout mice as a potential therapy for cystinuria
Verzi, MichaelNIH-NINDK R01 S18/6/216/30/23$89,982Mechanisms of Intestinal Epithelial Differentiation
Barr, MaureenNIH-NINDS R018/1/217/31/24$1,177,500Fundamental Biology of Neuronal Extracellular Vesicles
Tischfield, JayNIH-NINDS U24 Supplement8/1/217/31/22$305,242NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository
Heiman, GaryNJ Center for Tourettes Syndrome7/1/216/30/22$50,000Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders Genetics Repository
Ellison, ChristopherNJCU-NSF6/1/215/31/24$123,369Drosophila F Element Expansion: A Window on the C-value Paradox
Ellison, ChristopherNIH-NIGMS R011/1/2112/31/24$1,255,000Mechanisms and evolutionary consequences of transposon strategies to counteract host silencing
Ellison, ChristopherNIH-NIGMS R01 S11/1/2112/31/24$272,156Mechanisms and evolutionary consequences of transposon strategies to counteract host silencing
Heiman, GaryUCSF10/1/204/30/23$214,109Breaking through OCD Genetics
Nakamura, TetsuyaRutgers10/1/209/30/22$40,000The Genetic Mechanisms that Specify Two Distinct Types of Ossification
Schindler, SchindlerNIH-NIGMS R359/17/207/31/25$1,914,210Signaling Mechanisms that Control Chromosome Segregation During Female Meiosis
Schindler, SchindlerNIH-NIGMS R35 S19/17/207/31/23$163,821Signaling Mechanisms that Control Chromosome Segregation During Female Meiosis
Schindler, SchindlerNIH-NIGMS R35 S29/17/207/31/23$119,078Signaling Mechanisms that Control Chromosome Segregation During Female Meiosis
Nguyen, Mai-Uyen (Verzi Lab)NIH-NINDK F319/1/208/31/23$126,278Functions of Histone Acetyltransferases KAT2A and KAT2B in Intestinal Homeostasis and Colon Cancer
Tischfield, JayNIH-NINDS U24 Supplement8/1/207/31/25$6,575,700NINDS Human Cell and Data Repository (U24)
Barr, MaureenNIH-NIDDK R018/1/206/30/23$705,250Polycystins, Cilia, and Extracellular Vesicles in C. elegans
Verzi, MichaelNIH-NINDK R017/1/206/30/24$2,339,863Mechanisms of Intestinal Epithelial Differentiation
Tong, Kevin (Verzi Lab)NIH-NCI K995/1/204/30/22$240,528Elucidating the Role of SMAD4 in Colorectal Cancer
Shah, PremalCHOP4/1/203/31/25$299,146Defining Post-Transcriptional Regulons in Intestinal Epithelial Regeneration
Brzustowicz, Linda/Tischfield, JayNIH-NIMH U243/1/202/28/25$49,014,164Continuation of the Center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders
Matise, TaraNIH UL1TR0030171/20/202/28/22$72,353New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science: NJ ACTS
Tischfield, JayCOGA U109/1/198/31/24$4,340,266Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism
Verzi, MichaelNIH_ UOM _ Verzi9/1/198/31/24$658,750Niche Support of Human Intestinal Stem Cells
Yu, LeiOffice for Research9/1/192/28/23$40,000Targeting SIP30 for Neuropathic Pain Relief with U1 Adaptor Gene Silencing Technology
Shah, PremalNSF7/1/196/30/22$266,257Collaborative Research: RiboViz for Reliable, Reproducible and Rigorous Quantification of Protein Synthesis
Matise, TaraNIH-NHGRI R016/15/194/31/23$6,731,593PAGE III: Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology
Xing, JinchuanSNJ - DOH6/1/195/31/22$200,000Elucidating Genetic Components of Autism and Co-occurring ADHD using Whole Genome Sequencing
Matise, TaraNIH-NHGRI U24 S112/1/187/31/22$924,687NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Coordinating Center
Matise, TaraNIH-NHGRI U2412/1/187/31/22$1,063,224NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Coordinating Center
Tischfield, JayNIH-NIDA9/21/183/13/23$16,159,752NIDA Center for Genetics Studies
Ellison, ChristopherNIH-NIGMS R019/18/188/31/23$1,627,500Genetic Specification and Evolution of 3D Genome Organization
Tischfield, JayVCU through NIAAA9/1/187/31/22$307,963A Genome Wide Association Study of Severe Alcohol Use Disorder (Subaward)
Heiman, GaryNIH-NIMH6/15/183/31/23$5,468,396Collaborative Genomic Studies of Tourette Disorder
Schindler, Karen/Xing, JinchuanNIH-NICHD R0112/15/1711/30/22$1,847,723Association of the Maternal Exome with Risk of an Aneuploid Conception
Barr, MaureenNIH-NIDDK R0112/12/1712/31/22$1,400,718Nephronophthisis-Related Ciliopathies and Ciliary Compartmentalization
Tischfield, JayNESARC12/1/1711/30/22$517,636NESARC III DNA Storage
Shah, PremalNIH-NIGMS R359/14/178/31/22$1,905,110Dynamics and Evolution of Translational Regulation
Sahota, Amrik/Hu, LongqinNIH-NIDDK R013/1/171/31/23$2,878,846L-Cystine Diamides as Inhibitors of L-Cystine Stone Formation in Cystinuria