The Rutgers Genetics Alumni Project

Jerome Brunner (1996) in his book "the Process of Education" talks about intelligence and distributed knowledge; about the latter, Brunner states,

"Intelligence, in a word, reflects a micro-culture or praxis: the reference book one uses, the notes one habitually takes, the computer programs and databases one relies on, and perhaps most important of all, the network of friends, colleagues, or mentors on whom leans for feedback, help, advice, even just for company" p. 132 (emphasis ours).

The Department of Genetics graduated its first class of three in 2000. We now have more than 400 graduates and are growing by 45 to 65 graduates per year. Some of our graduates have completed medical and dental school, others have completed PhD’s. Some of our graduates work in industry; others are teachers, genetic counselors, nurses, lawyers, etc. Collectively, the faculty, staff, alumni and current students make up a network that is more intelligent than any one of us is individually. It may not have been apparent, but the faculty members learn as much from our students as they learned from us. With modern technology such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it is possible to sustain and increase the network that is Rutgers Genetics.

How can you help? First, join the LinkedIn groupRutgers Genetics Alumni”. When you join it would help immensely if you would post a picture and a brief profile (What you are doing currently, your email address and/or other contact information, etc.)  A few alumni have posted offers of support for students who want to know about law school or other opportunities. We could also share job announcements. Finally, you should encourage your former classmates to also join.  There is also a Facebook group (Rutgers Genetics Alumni) but this will be phased out after June 2014.

If you are uncomfortable with joining LinkedIn, we have created special email account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) just for alumni to keep us updated. Summary information and announcements will be available on the main webpage for the department.

The Department of Genetics welcomes gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of Rutgers University. Financial contributions to the Department support student scholarships, fellowships and research, as well as faculty research endeavors.

* Facebook was chosen because it is currently free and available. However, this project may eventually migrate to Google Friend Connect (which is currently being Beta tested). Friend Connect would support a Network from the Departmental Website. You can create a free Facebook account at The only required public information is your name and an email address.