Faculty Research

David Axelrod
Cell and Molecular Oncology. Breast Cancer. Colon Cancer 
Maureen Barr
Modeling human genetic diseases in C. elegans
Linda Brzustowicz
Medical and human genetics: the genetics of neuropsychiatric disorders
Chris Ellison
Evolutionary genomics and genome organization in Drosophila
Derek Gordon
Statistical genetics
Gary Heiman
Genetic epidemiology of neuropsychiatric disorders
Tara Matise
Computational Human Genetics
Kim McKim
Molecular Genetics of Meiotic Recombination in Drosophila Melanogaster
Tetsuya Nakamura
Revealing the genetic mechanisms of the fish diversity and their contribution to the fish-to-tetrapod transition
Bryce Nickels
Regulation of gene expression in bacteria
Christopher Rongo
Molecular genetics of synapse formation and plasticity in C. elegans
Amrik Sahota
Human Molecular Genetics; Molecular Diagnostics
Karen Schindler
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that lead to aneuploidy in female gametes
Premal Shah
Evolution of coding sequences and regulation of protein translation
Gleb Shumyatsky
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of learning and memory focusing on learned fear
Andrew Singson
Reproductive biology and cell-cell interactions in C. elegans
Jay Tischfield
Medical and human genetics: the genetics of somatic cells, mouse models for human diseases and genes for complex human genetic disorders
Michael Verzi
Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms in Intestinal Disease
Jinchuan Xing
Mobile Elements, Human Genomic Variation, Evolutionary Genetics, Population Genetics
Lei Yu
Genetics of compulsive behaviors (such as alcoholism and drug addiction) and neuro-sensory disorders (such as neuropathic pain)