The Department of Genetics has several faculty whose research is either entirely computational in nature or whose research employs a hybrid of both computational and wet-lab methods.  The list below provides a brief description with links to lab pages with more information.

  • David Axelrod studies cell and molecular oncology, breast cancer, colon cancer.
  • Linda Brzustowicz and her lab study medical and human genetics: the genetics of neuropsychiatric disorders.  Her computational work is facilitated by Marco Azaro.
  • Chris Ellison's lab studies evolutionary genomics and genome organization in Drosophila.
  • Derek Gordon is a statistical geneticist who develops and applies methods to identify genes for complex traits including longitudinal traits.
  • Tara Matise’s work facilitates the identification and understanding of human disease genes and human genome variation.  
  • Premal Shah's group studies evolution of coding sequences and regulation of protein translation.
  • Jinchuan Xing's lab studies mobile elements, human genomic variation, evolutionary genetics, population genetics.