Each class has assigned advisors. The role of the advisor is to monitor the progress of Genetics majors towards satisfying the Bachelor degree requirements. The assigned advisor will advise students on a course of study for the duration of the student's undergraduate career.  Declared genetics majors can also access their grades and check whether they are taking the required courses towards their major by using Degree Navigator.

Note: Advisors are assigned by class and the student's last name.

Coordinator of Advisors:

Dr. Gary Heiman  
(848) 445-9576
Nelson B412


Last Name of Student


Contact Information




A to F Dr. Jinchuan Xing Email:
Phone: 848-445-9663
Office: LSB 325
G to L Dr. Kim McKim Email: 
Phone: 848-445-6852
Office: Waksman 206
M to Q Dr. Srujana Yadavalli Email: 
Phone: 848-445-3425
Office: Waksman 133
R to Z Dr. Gleb Shumyatsky Email: 
Phone: 848-445-1223
Office: LSB 322



A to F  Dr. Chris Rongo

Phone: 848-445-0955
Office: Waksman 124

G to L Dr. Chris Ellison Email:
Phone: 848-445-2812
Office: Nelson B420
M to Q Dr. Michael Verzi Email:
Phone: 848-445-9578
Office: LSB 127
R to Z Dr. Tara Matise


Phone: 848-445-3125

Office: Nelson B410




A to F Dr. Lei Yu Email:
Phone: (848) 445-0794
Office: LSB 126
G to L Dr. Andrew Singson Email: 
Phone: 848-445-2812
Office: Waksman 123A
M to Q Dr. Bryce Nickels Email:
Phone: 848-445-6852
Office: Waksman 335
R to Z Dr. David Axelrod Email:
Phone: 848-445-2011
Office: Nelson B341

2027 &

Transfer Students

ALL Dr. Gary Heiman Email : 
Phone : 848-445-9576
Office : Nelson B412
Genetic Counseling ALL Dr. Gary Heiman Email:
Phone: 848-445-9576
Office: Nelson Biological Laboratory Bldg. B412

Computational Genetics

ALL Dr. Derek Gordon Email: 
Phone: 848-445-3386
Office: Nelson B414