augThe Association of Undergraduate Geneticists (AUG) is a club for any undergraduate student who is interested in the field of Genetics. The primary goal of the AUG is to serve as an educational and social environment for its members. The Association works closely with the Rutgers Genetics Department in an effort to update the students on research opportunities, seminars of interest and various other Departmental activities. The AUG itself also invites guest speakers who share their knowledge, expertise and views on the science of Genetics as it relates to philosophy, politics and policy-making, religion, etc.

Apart from lectures and seminars, student interaction is encouraged through movie nights, trips and many more, as yet undecided activities. We always look forward to thoughts and ideas from our student-members. The AUG is an exciting and expanding group of young scientists and the Association invites and welcomes any suggestions!

The AUG also offers experienced student mentors to assist freshmen, sophomore and even junior students. These mentors can offer valuable "inside" information pertaining to the Genetics major, for example, classes and professors. This "inside" information is viewed from a perspective of current students who have already experienced the different processes involved.


The following is a listing of AUG Officers, 2023-2024 Academic Year:

President: Sophia Duenas
Vice President: Aiswaryaa Prabaharan
Treasurer: Giaminh Ben Phan
Secretary: Anisha Kumar
Public Relations: Sneha Kumar 
Public Relations: Callista Oliveira


For more information, please contact any AUG Officer.