A variety of summer programs are available to undergraduate students both outside and within Rutgers.  Several of these programs are listed belowas well as links to websites where additional programs can be found.  Deadlines for applications are around January-February. It is advisable that students start their search for summer opportunities around November of the previous year.  Most programs offer a stipend and/or housing provisions and often a travel allowance.  The lists below are not comprehensive but are meant as a starting point for further searching.

These programs cannot count as departmental credit for independent scholarship but nevertheless provide valuable research experience during the summer.

Programs outside of Rutgers

-Novartis NIBR Scientific

Summer Scholar Program
-Mount Desert Island Laboratories NSF REU Summer Fellowship
-Jackson Laboratories Summer Student Program
-Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Undergraduate Research Program
-John Hopkins Summer Internship Program
-Princeton MOL/QCB Summer

Undergraduate Research Program
-Boston University SURF Program
-Amgen Scholars Programs: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Washington University in St. Louis

-Websites for programs in the United States according to education level:

 Programs within Rutgers

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Waksman Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Aresty Research Center