Why Genetics?

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Welcome to the Department of Genetics Undergraduate Resource Center!

Our courses are designed to encourage research and innovation, going beyond the concepts of the discipline by teaching students how to analyze and interpret data.  Students learn from our faculty to read research articles and to interpret the evidence that supports scientific "fact." We also discuss the scientific, societal, and ethical implications of genetic research.

All of our majors are required to conduct scientific research in the discipline with Rutgers faculty.

Students in Genetics join a community of scholars. Students interact with each other and with faculty members and graduate students in their courses and through the active Association of Undergraduate Geneticists. Our alumni are highly successful in obtaining Ph.D, MD and other advanced degrees and in the scientific workforce.

Have questions about Genetics courses, curriculum, and graduation requirements?  Genetics advisors are here to help.  Check out our pages describing learning goalseducational approach, possible career paths, honors and awards, and beyond.